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The landscape for business in Washington State is exciting. This state has one of the most robust and diverse economies in the world. Its make-up spans aerospace, tourism, marine services, wood products, agriculture, life sciences, and technology, and includes a rich and deep selection of specialized services that support businesses to be the best.

Washington State is the center of one of the world’s largest aerospace manufacturing clusters.
Forest Products
Wood is one of Washington State’s key industrial clusters. In combination with a strong resource base, Washington’s historical tie to the forest products industry results in a superior infrastructure of roads, ports, and generations of workers and logging communities resulting in a strong competitive advantage.

Life Sciences
Spanning from Spokane to the greater Seattle metropolitan area, biotech and healthcare are diverse and innovative high growth sectors in Washington’s economic landscape.

One of the fastest growing research centers in the world, Washington companies and researchers are pioneers in cure and treatment efforts for cancer, AIDS/HIV and multitudes of other serious diseases. Washington medical device companies enhance quality of life through novel product creation.

Marine Services
Located on the Puget Sound, the Pacific Coast, and the lower Columbia River, Washington State’s unique geography positions its marine services industry for leadership in waterborne commerce.


Greater Seattle and Washington State have become one of the premier technology centers in the world for software, electronics, and telecom.

Electronics & Computers
This diverse industry manifests itself in a multitude of electronic systems companies all over the state.

Software Home to Microsoft, over 3,000 innovative software companies dot Washington’s landscape.

Innovators in communication technologies, McCaw Cellular (now AT&T Wireless) originated in Washington State and jump-started a new era of global communication. Tourism
From the cosmopolitan luxuries Seattle has to offer to the pristine wilderness found in Washington’s national parks, state tourism continues to play an integral role in the state’s economy.

Value Added Agriculture/Food Processing
Agriculture has played a critical role in Washington’s economy since the first pioneers settled over 200 years ago. Value added processors enhance our state’s agricultural roots and provide valuable products to consumers and businesses.

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